Wouter van Kleunen

Improving tilemaker hosting speed

When hosting your tilemaker generated maps, it is possible to use certain tileserver software such as tileserver-php. However this is not absolutely needed and the best performance for serving maps is by hosting it straight from a static webserver. In this tutorial i will explain how to build such a...

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Tilemaker 2.0

Tilemaker 2.0 has been released. Tilemaker is an application to generate vector maps (mbtiles) for displaying openstreetmap in-browser, in iOS apps or on Android. It generates these maps without having to setup any database, you can give it a osm.pbf file and convert it to mbtiles, using this comman...

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Generating self-hosted maps using tilemaker

For some web applications is required to add a map to a website. When this is required, many web developers immediately turn to online services hosting the web page. However, for many applications this is not required. It is actually quite easy to generate maps yourself and host them from your own w...

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